Delete Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware Immediately From The PC

What is Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware? What is file encryption? Whenever, I try to open any of my file or photos then an alert appears on the screen saying “All your files has been encrypted”. It says that I need to buy the decryption by paying money. I haven’t faced such problem before and doesn’t have any idea to sort it. Could you please provide complete details about Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware? Why am I unable to view my files? What should I need to do now? Please help me!

Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware

Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware is identified as vicious ransomware which usually attacks different versions of Windows PC. According to experts, it is an unique ransomware which has been written in JavaScript, thus it will be more damaging. After penetrating in the system, Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware will use strong algorithm to encrypt the files such as images, videos, documents, database etc. When you will attempt to view the files, it will generate an alert i.e. “All your personal files has been encrypted”. It will display that an unique key has been generated for your PC which is available on a hidden server. It asks the users to make payment in Bitcoin to a unique address in order to obtain the key. It also provides a time limit of 3 days and says that if you will delay then amount will be increased.

Users needs to be aware that Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware is not trustworthy. It tries to fool the innocent users and help its creators to make money. Do not follow any of its instructions because it can result dangerous for your personal identity also. In reality, hackers will track your activities and record all the sensitive data related to bank account or passwords with malicious aim. The worst part is that even after making payment, you will not be able to restore the files. So, if you have detected Ransom32/nw.js Ransomwarein your system then try to remove kit quickly instead of making payment to the third party hackers.

Malicious Effects Of Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware In The PC:

Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware is considered as malicious threat which can harm your PC severely. Once gets installed in the system, it will start to perform malicious activities. Some of the malignant activities performed by Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware are mentioned below:

Attacks Different Version of Windows: This vicious threat is capable to infect different versions of Windows PC such as Windows XP, 7, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 as well as Windows 10.

Drops harmful codes: It brings suspicious codes or payloads and drops them in the PC. It can also modify the registry editor to execute automatically after the booting process of the system.

Redirects Search Results : It can infect all the popular web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari, etc and misleads the users to the unauthorized pages of the third parties.

Deactivates PC Securities : This threat have ability to disable the working of powerful antivirus program, Windows Firewall and other securities to escape its presence for long time.

Collects Users Details : Without your consent, it will secretly steal your credential information such as bank account number, passwords, login Id, user names, credit card information etc.

Unauthorized Access : It is designed in such a way which can allow its creators to access the users PC, data, documents by exploiting the vulnerabilities.

How To Remove Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware Easily?

Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware is extremely powerful which is difficult to remove from the PC. However, there are two ways which can help you to protect your PC from its worst impacts. The possible removal methods are mentioned below:

Method 1 : Delete Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware With SpyHunter (Automatic Way)

Method 2 : Remove Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware Using Manual Steps

Method 1 : Use SpyHunter To Remove Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware Automatically

SpyHunter is an automatic tool which is considered as the best and easiest way to remove Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware completely from the system. You can use this software to remove any type of malicious threats. Due to its easy-to-use interface, even novice users will also be able to use it easily. This software performs deep scanning in the PC and remove all the malicious programs completely.

Detailed Information About SpyHunter?

SpyHunter has been designed by the technical experts using powerful algorithms and mechanisms. It provides real time protection to the system against all types of harmful threats such as spyware, malware, virus, Trojan, adware, browser hijacker etc. It comes with several advanced features which will not only remove the threat but also protect the system from further attacks. The graphical interface of the software allows the novice users to use the tool in a hassle free manner. It comes will lots of advanced features and works very fast. All you have to do is to download and install the software in your PC to detect Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware immediately.

User Guide To Use SpyHunter To Delete Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware:-

Step 1: Download the SpyHunter from the given link and install in your PC.

Step 2: To begin the scanning process, you need to click on “Scan Computer Now”.

Step 3: You will see the scanning progress on the screen.

Step 4: Click on “Fix Threats Now” to remove the detected threats and malicious files.

Method 2: Uninstall Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware Using the Manual Steps

Important Point To Remember :

However, manual steps is good but only for the technical experts. You should know that it contains some complex steps. In order to use them, you need to be technically sound. It also consumes more time and permanent removal of the threat is not guaranteed. If you delete any important file accidentally then it can cause critical troubles for your PC. Freezing of the operating system is also possible if you will not follow the steps carefully.

Part 1: Restart the PC in Safe Mode.

  • Click on Start button and choose Restart option.

  • Tap F8 key continuously until Windows Advanced Option appears on the screen.

  • Choose “Safe Mode With Networking” from the given list.

Part 2 :- Uninstall Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware From Different Web Browsers

Google Chrome

Remove Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware from Google Chrome:-

  • Open the browser and Click on the gear icon. Now, Select Tools -> Extensions option.

  • A dialog box will appear on the screen, Select Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware or other fake extensions and then click on the Trash icon.

Reset Chrome Browser:-

  • Click on Chrome menu ( gear icon). From the drop down list, choose Settings and select Show Advanced settings option.

  • Click on Reset button to get back the default settings.

Enable Phishing and Malware Protection

  • Click on Chrome menu and select Settings -> Show Advanced settings.
  • Under the Privacy Section, you need to Click on Enable Phishing and Malware Protection option.

Mozilla Firefox

Remove Extensions From Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Firefox browser. Click on the menu icon and select Add-ons option.

  • Click on Extensions tab, detect and delete all the suspicious extensions which are related to Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware.

Reset Mozilla Firefox

  • Click on menu icon and choose Help option.

  • Now, click on Troubleshooting Information and again click Refresh Firefox.

How To Block Phishing and Malicious Sites In Firefox

  • Click on Menu button and choose Option menu. Now,, click on Security tab,

  • Now click on the radio button which says:
  • Warn me when sites try to install add-ons.
  • Block reported attack sites
  • Block reported web forgeries.

MS Edge

MS Edge

You should know that, MS Edge does not support extensions. Hence, in order to remove Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware, you need to reset the browser. Follow the steps which are given below to reset MS Edge.

Reset MS Edge

  • Open the Edge browser and click on More (…) option. Now, click on the Settings and then select View Advanced Settings option.

  • You need to click on <Add New> -> Add a search provider option. In the box, type your desired search engine and click on Add as Default option to reset the browser.

How To Enable SmartScreen Filter in MS Edge

  • Open the Edge browser and click on (…) icon.

  • Click on Settings option and choose View Advanced Settings. Now, turn on “Help protect my PC from malicious sites and downloads with SmartScreen filter” option.

Internet Explorer

Remove Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware from Internet Explorer

  • Open IE browser. Click on Tools menu and choose Manage add-ons option from the list.

  • Click on Toolbar and Extensions tab. Select all the fake extensions related to Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware and click on Disable option.

Reset Internet Explorer

  • Open browser. Click on the Tools menu and choose “Internet option” from the list.

  • Go to Advanced tab and click on Reset button.

  • A confirmation box will appear on the screen, Check Delete Personal Settings and click on Reset option.

How To Enable SmartScreen Filter in Internet Explorer

  • Open IE browser. Click on Safety option and select Report Unsafe Website option to protect your browser.

Part 3: Terminate the process related to Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware from Task Manager.

  • Open Task Manager by pressing Alt + Ctrl + Del keys together.

  • Click on the Processes tab.

  • Select all the bogus processes related to Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware and click on End Process option.

Part 4: Uninstall Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware from the Control Panel.

  • Click on Start button and select Control Panel option.

  • Click on Uninstall a Program option and select Programs and Features.

  • Select the suspicious programs and click on Uninstall button.

Part 5: Remove Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware from the Windows Registry editor

  • Tap Win + R keys together to open Run command.

  • Type “regedit” in the box and hit Enter key.

  • Select the fake entries associated with Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware and remove them quickly from the system.

Tips To Protect The PC From The Future Attacks Of Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware

After removing Ransom32/nw.js Ransomware completely, you need to protect your system from the future attacks of threats. We are providing some simple tips which will help to stop the entrance of the threats in future. So, follow all the tips carefully.

  • Do not download free software from unknown sites.
  • Avoid opening spam email with attachment send by the unknown person.
  • Don’t click on suspicious links or bogus alerts.
  • Scan your PC regularly at some intervals of time.
  • Use powerful anti-virus program in the system.
  • Enable Windows Firewall to avoid third party connections.
  • Do not visit any pornographic sites.
  • Scan removable media carefully before using in the system.
  • Opt custom or advanced installation method to install any software.